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News From IODA AGM: Worlds Location Confirmed For 2021 And More

 Calendar Reshuffles Into Later 2021 As we predicted, the sailing world is starting to organize its 2021 calendar but much remains dependent on the Olympics which have been moved to the summer of 2021. IODA concluded its Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday via web conference. Let's unpack it: World Championship Locations Confirmed Via Co-Proposal from ITA and TUR Country representatives from Italy and Turkey submitted a motion to re-host the 2021 IODA World Championships in Riva Italy, and in Bodrum Turkey for 2022. This officially makes 2020 a gap year and the other continental championships are following suit. As for many events that were slated for this year deposits were given, plans were made and entry fees paid; organizers from across the world are doing their best to still make it happen for the sailors, although many now will not be able to participate in the World Championship as they will be outside eligible age to compete. However, it was great to finally have certain

Opti Calendar Shifting - Winter Begins To Heat Up

 US Sees Big Demand For Racing As the coronavirus has impacted so much of the sailing world, the Optimist class has begun to fight back and open up competitions slowly but surely. Here's a quick roundup of news from around the #optiworld South Florida Sees Surge In Regatta Participants South Florida is typically a very busy place for Optimist sailors in the winter, but with the lack of regattas since March of this year, there is quite a pent-up demand for quality racing which is beginning to show in the registration lists of the events going on around the warmer parts of the country. With 137 RWB and 52 in Green Fleet at the Junior Olympic Festival to be hosted by the US Sailing Center Martin County, this regatta is attracting sailors from the neighboring Bahamas and Cayman Islands. How exactly social distancing will be practiced remains to be seen but it's good to see that there are so many kids that want to race. USODA Opens Registration for Midwinters The USODA X-Com has giv

EPISODE 3: The Battle Of The Bay

Miami's First Opti Meet Since March 2020.  It was an interesting weekend being out in Biscayne Bay last month, as we saw many familiar faces for the first time in months since South Florida locked down due to the coronavirus. Although the virus still is very much present, we the sailing community were able to sail for these last few months but we finally found the way to race safely.  As it's our home waters we wanted to chronicle this meet and show you all the fun that was had and challenges that were met. Although the first day was thrown off by thunderstorms into the afternoon, that Sunday saw some great races and the sailors really got into their stride.  Congratulations to all the sailors, and to the coaches and parent volunteers that made it happen. Miami, in our opinion has become the development Mecca as some of the best sailors and innovative practices are coming out of that 6x12 mile bay.  Thanks to Professional Boats for setting us up once again in their amazing 6m T

The Walkthrough: Plan Ahead With Our Views On Opti Regatta Venues

 Amenities, Trailering Tips, Inside Info And More We've been putting together inside looks into venues for Opti Regattas - Yacht Clubs, Sailing Clubs, Sailing Centers, Etc. Plan ahead with our inside info including brief histories, amenities, regatta particulars, trailering tips, and more. Check out all the articles till September 2020. The St. Petersburg Sailing Center The Coconut Grove Sailing Club The Upper Keys Sailing Club

Get To Know the International Optimist Class: A Look With VP Sigrid Beckmann

 An Inside Look At The Bigger Picture Last May, we sat down for a virtual interview with Sigrid Beckmann, VP of Americas for the International Optimist Class to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes and what the current state of affairs was for the International Class. It was a very enlightening interview for many reasons but for us, mainly the fact that at the highest levels of organization in the class, the sentiment is shared that Opti sailing is for everyone and that a good foundation that the kids receive in their Opti years sets the tone for a lifetime of sailing. Full interview below: