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Opti TV Presents - June to July 2020 Schedule

Lake Garda Optimist Meeting Rescheduled For Later This Summer

Fraglia Vela Riva Breathes New Air Historic times for the Optimist Class and the news keeps coming in - the Fraglia Vela Riva, host of the world's largest Optimist Regatta announced today that they are rescheduling the Garda Optimist Meeting for August 19-23. Coupled with the re-do for the European Championships gives a new splash of hope to the European Optimist circuit, and although the calendar is still very much in disarray there is hope that regattas and championships will begin to make a slow and hopefully steady return. What this means for international kids that are hoping to come from overseas remains to be seen, but as of today this cornerstone event of the international circuit is now back in 2020. Full Press Release (via Facebook) English Translation: FRAGLIA VELA RIVA, LOOKING FORWARD AND POINTING TO THE GARDA OPTIMIST MEETING IN AUGUST We start to breathe restart air at Fraglia Vela Riva house and bring this boost of positivity after the long months

Europeans 2020 Rescheduled With Slovenia As Host

Jadralnu Klub Pirat selected as new venue Historic news from the IODA circuit as Slovenia has been announced as host for the rescheduled 2020 IODA European Championship. This marks the first regatta that has come back after the slew of cancellations, postponements, and host drop outs since Covid19 halted the competitive sailing circuit worldwide. Many are welcoming this move as this gives a fresh air of normalcy and hope of an early return of the circuit. However, there is still much concern about the viability of events at this time since the covid19 pandemic continues worldwide. Much is still unknown about the long term effects of the virus and organizers are preparing contingencies against a second wave later in the fall. Full Press Release Below Slovenia Selected to Host the 2020 Europeans The  IODA Executive Committee  is happy to announce that  Slovenia has been selected to host the 2020 European Championship . The  host venue  of the championship will be t

Upcoming Guest Schedule June 17, 2020

We're queueing up the summer lineup for Opti TV Presents - there are some big names there! Stay tuned for the premiere schedule - only on Opti TV

Summer Sail Training With Anderson Sailing

Miami Sailors Take Note! Get In Summer Sailing Shape With Anderson Sailing Hey everyone! We are stoked to announce our first ever on-the-water clinic this summer in Miami FL for local Miami sailors! Alec Anderson, sailor extraordinaire is hosting a series of weekend clinics this summer for local RWB Optimist sailors and we'll be filming it! Here's the breakdown: About Alec Anderson Alec is a professional sailor and Opti Coach based in Miami, FL - 3 time college All-American, Laser Radial North American Champion, College Team Race National Champion, and sailed the heck out of some Optis back in the day, with some top finishes at several Opti Worlds The Game Plan Get a condensed clinic-style training with top level sail coaching from Alec Anderson over several weekends where you can participate in all or just a couple - the idea is that although we don't know when regattas will return, we have to be ready! And as we all know the best way to learn boat han

What Could The Future Of The Opti Class Look Like?

Are We Thinking About The Whole Picture? Sailing Scuttlebutt  recently posted an article about a company out in Italy, Northern Light Composites, that is focusing on sustainable boatbuilding from the ground up. It was interesting because they're tackling the problem of end-of-lifespan recycling for boats, which is a big problem - and many people don't notice. GPR, or fiber-glass optimists don't end up in the recycling bin once they get too old, they end up in landfills. This is sadly the fate of literally tons of old boats and it was good to hear about someone trying to do something about it. Focusing On Eco-Sustainable Sailboats May 7th, 2020 But it got me to thinking, what is the Optimist class doing about it? They are taking some great steps to educate sailors on sustainability, and environmentally friendly practices for their beloved sport; but I got to thinking about what this large, large class could do if they pushed this 'eco-friendly' solution tow

Mexico Withdraws As Host Of 2020 NAMS

Opti North AMericanS effectively nixed  With a June 15th deadline to find a new host, the 2020 IODA North American Championship is effectively cancelled, as Mexico withdraws as host for the event. Sailors from 15+ member countries are sure to be devastated by the news, but disruption was expected as the COVID19 pandemic is still not yet under control. Although championships are being cancelled or postponed left and right, there are signs of life in sailing as teams from around the world are beginning to get back on the water. Recently, programs have been able to get competitive sailing back to their home waters with parts of the IODA regions resuming their programming. Take a look at the full press release below Mexico Withdraws as Host of the 2020 North American Championship IODA has been informed by the  Organizing Committee of the 2020 IODA North American Championship that they have made the decision to withdraw as the host  of the Championship this year. We

Opti TV Presents: Coach Mike Dowd and CERT

Coastal Elite Racing Team (CERT) We caught up with "Friend of Opti TV" Mike Dowd and chatted with him about how he runs a private Opti team, and some things kids should be thinking about as next steps after the Opti. Next time you see mike at the boat park, say hello!