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I Need To Charter A Boat. How Do I Do It?

 How To Charter An Optimist For A Regatta We recently linked up with our friend Brian Holloway from McLaughlin Boat Works to find out exactly how to charter an Optimist for a Regatta, and we talk about some things to look for when chartering or buying chartered boats. 

A Letter From The Editor

Hello OPTI TV Readers,  It's been awhile! Too Long! And there has been so much happening since our last article. We sincerely hope you are all well and getting to sail as often as time and circumstances allows, I have been very busy since our hiatus in January-June. Those months were tough as there was so much going on in my personal life, however OPTI TV is back to producing quality content for you guys! I just wanted to take the time to write to you all and thank you for supporting the project, it really means a lot to myself and the OPTI TV Team. Stay tuned to the channel and this blog, as we are going to be pushing out our first bits of merchandise and some other cool things we have in the works.  Fair Winds, -Alberto OPTI TV