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Why You Should Consider A Gimbal Camera: The Case For The DJI Osmo Pocket/Mobile

Make Your Coaching Videos Easy To Digest It used to be that if you had a camcorder and were able to take footage out on the water, that was a big leap forward for you and your team since you were able to provide video feedback to the sailors. But now? Everyone has a camera in their cellphone that is leaps and bounds  better than consumer digital cameras from even 5 years ago. 4k resolution is not even the golden standard anymore with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 boasting 8k resolution, but we digress. The point is, cellphones are amazing tools that we can use as coaches to create awesome video feedback for our sailors (See Our Video Debrief Series  For More) but we tend to shoot in environments that are not so nice to cameras - weather and vibration. Most of the time, you can get away with just whipping out your phone and getting the footage, especially at starts - but what about when your boat starts moving? Bow pitching, beam a-swayin' - it can make for jarring video

Opti TV Presents: Dr. Tim Herzog, Reaching Ahead Mental Performance Training

 Opti TV Presents: Dr. Tim Herzog, Reaching Ahead Mental Performance Training Dr. Tim Herzog is a renowned sport psychologist who has worked with the USODA National Team and is a APA Board certified in biofeedback. Check in with Dr. Herzog to see why language is key to success at any sporting level. #opti_tv #optiworld #optisailing Opti TV is the one-stop-shop for Optimist sailors, parents and coaches where we bring together the knowledge base across the Optimist class into one place. If you like what we do, please consider supporting the channel through our Patreon page Thanks for watching!

The Roundup: August 05, 2020

The 2020 Guide To Optimist Blades McLaughlin has been putting out some fantastic content this summer with technical information that every coach and sailor should be paying attention to. This latest article is an updated guide to the foil sets out on the market at the moment, what makes them different, and some hard data for your consideration. Definitely bookmark this one! New IODA Code Of Conduct IODA has released a new Code Of Conduct that will be adopted by the member associations this year - so best to read up and get to understand your role a little better! Throwback: 2017 Australian and Open Opti Champs IN 4K Harnett Media started as Sailing Shack, which a couple of years ago was putting out some bangers that made their way around the interwebs. This is their video from 3 years ago covering the 2017 Australian Open Optimist Championship. Not what we would have picked as the soundtrack, but its AWESOME video! Check it out!

CORK Organizers Announce Cancellation of 2020 Edition

Concerns With Timing Today, CORK organizers announced in a press release that they would not be hosting the 51st edition of the regatta, citing concerns over the timing of the event around the return to school. Although many in the community desire a return to racing, organizers reached the conclusion that it was not in their best interest to host a large event around the time that children would be returning to school in some fashion. Full press release below CORK Press Release Wednesday August 5th, 2020 CORK Fall Regatta Decision Over the past month, the CORK team has been carefully monitoring the COVID 19 situation and working on the question of whether The CORK Fall Regatta could be held this September.  A plan was developed that could comply with the COVID-19 rules and it was clear that there was a strong desire among sailors and coaches to see racing resume.  However, the CORK Board of Directors had to balance that against the continuing uncertainty of how the virus is developing