The Roundup: August 05, 2020

The 2020 Guide To Optimist Blades

McLaughlin has been putting out some fantastic content this summer with technical information that every coach and sailor should be paying attention to. This latest article is an updated guide to the foil sets out on the market at the moment, what makes them different, and some hard data for your consideration. Definitely bookmark this one!

New IODA Code Of Conduct

IODA has released a new Code Of Conduct that will be adopted by the member associations this year - so best to read up and get to understand your role a little better!

Harnett Media started as Sailing Shack, which a couple of years ago was putting out some bangers that made their way around the interwebs. This is their video from 3 years ago covering the 2017 Australian Open Optimist Championship. Not what we would have picked as the soundtrack, but its AWESOME video! Check it out!