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Mexico Withdraws As Host Of 2020 NAMS

Opti North AMericanS effectively nixed

 With a June 15th deadline to find a new host, the 2020 IODA North American Championship is effectively cancelled, as Mexico withdraws as host for the event. Sailors from 15+ member countries are sure to be devastated by the news, but disruption was expected as the COVID19 pandemic is still not yet under control.

Although championships are being cancelled or postponed left and right, there are signs of life in sailing as teams from around the world are beginning to get back on the water. Recently, programs have been able to get competitive sailing back to their home waters with parts of the IODA regions resuming their programming.

Take a look at the full press release below

Mexico Withdraws as Host of the 2020 North American Championship

IODA has been informed by the Organizing Committee of the 2020 IODA North American Championship that they have made the decision to withdraw as the host of the Championship this year.
We would like to thank our Member from Mexico, Asociaci√≥n Mexicana de Veleros Clase Optimist and the Asociacion de Vela de Quintana Roo, as well as the many members of the Organizing Committee for all their hard work and support in the planning of the 2020 North American Championship. We respect their decision.  IODA will be back in Mexico for the 2021 North American Championship.
With our Member from Mexico withdrawing as the host this year, according to IODA Continental Championship Condition 8.4, “the IODA Executive Committee shall take such action to appoint an alternative host as it finds necessary.” As a result, the Executive Committee can consider a bid from a Member who might wish to host the 2020 North American Championship this year.
If any Member would like to be considered as a host of the 2020 North American Championship, please inform the IODA VP Americas, Sigrid Beckmann at , as well as Fiona Kidd at and Susan Elliot Beatty at as soon as possible, but no later than June 15, 2020.
This can follow with the completion of a ‘Bid Form to Host an IODA Championship’found here and submit it to IODA to the attention of the Regatta Committee secretary Susan Elliot Beatty, at on or before June 30, 2020
IODA is committed to holding our 2020 Events if possible. However, the IODA Executive Committee will consider the following matters when proceeding with IODA Events in 2020:
  • Safety of our sailors and participants at events
  • Ability of host to organize an event along the World Sailing COVID-19 event guidelines
  • Ability for wide inclusivity of the IODA Members to participate in an event
  • Ensuring the level of IODA standards of on-water racing are met
IODA continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation as it effects our 2020 Events.  Recently many countries have started to open and are providing access to sailing on the water if social distancing and health precautions are maintained. This is good news for Optimist sailors.  
We hope that over the coming weeks we can see borders opening and travel restrictions reduced between countries.  This will enable us to begin to confirm dates of our postponed and rescheduled IODA Championships in 2020. 

IODA Press Release June 8, 2020


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