News From IODA AGM: Worlds Location Confirmed For 2021 And More

 Calendar Reshuffles Into Later 2021

As we predicted, the sailing world is starting to organize its 2021 calendar but much remains dependent on the Olympics which have been moved to the summer of 2021. IODA concluded its Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday via web conference. Let's unpack it:

World Championship Locations Confirmed Via Co-Proposal from ITA and TUR

Country representatives from Italy and Turkey submitted a motion to re-host the 2021 IODA World Championships in Riva Italy, and in Bodrum Turkey for 2022. This officially makes 2020 a gap year and the other continental championships are following suit. As for many events that were slated for this year deposits were given, plans were made and entry fees paid; organizers from across the world are doing their best to still make it happen for the sailors, although many now will not be able to participate in the World Championship as they will be outside eligible age to compete. However, it was great to finally have certainty for the 2021 calendar and slowly but surely things will fall in place to make that great event happen.

South America Resets Country Rotation for SAMs

Argentina put forth a motion to host the 2021 South American Championships which was seconded by delegates from Brazil. Brazil was due to host the 2021 South American Championships in Rio De Janeiro, but citing weather issues in Rio in the past years during the scheduled times and a desire to give Argentina their turn to host the SAMs once again (Argentina has not hosted South American Championship since 2012)  South America has upheld the rotation agreement that the countries with recognized Optimist Organizations have with each other. For us, this was warming to witness as the spirit of cooperation is alive and well in the optimist class. The new dates for this event are Nov 6-13, 2021.

Tanzania Pulls African Championship Bid For 2021

Tanzania confirmed they would no longer be able to host the IODA African Championships, which will now mean bidding will be open to host countries for that event. We really hope that this event can happen in 2021 as Africa is an up and coming area in the Sailing world with many great sailors coming out of programs in Oman and the UAE. 

Korea Selected For 2022 IODA Asians

South Korea was selected as host for the 2022 IODA Asian and Oceanian Championship, which as far as we could research, is the first time the country will play host to an IODA Continental Championship. This is a big honor and we congratulate the Korean delegation. 

Our Take

It seems that slowly and cautiously, IODA is taking steps to put down a calendar for 2021. There are obviously going to be changes in terms of event dates and the coronavirus will still be very much in the forefront of things in 2021, it is looking to be a much more active year for Opti sailing. We expect that there will be at least one more host to pull out from a bid to host an event in 2021 but that remains to be seen. We think it was a good move to put the Worlds in Garda next year as it was a much anticipated event in 2020. Additionally, the confirmation of 2021 Puerto Vallarta North Americans puts the NAMs in reach of all of north america, so it should be a well attended event. 

Thats it for now, see you on the next one!