EPISODE 3: The Battle Of The Bay

Miami's First Opti Meet Since March 2020. 

It was an interesting weekend being out in Biscayne Bay last month, as we saw many familiar faces for the first time in months since South Florida locked down due to the coronavirus. Although the virus still is very much present, we the sailing community were able to sail for these last few months but we finally found the way to race safely. 

As it's our home waters we wanted to chronicle this meet and show you all the fun that was had and challenges that were met. Although the first day was thrown off by thunderstorms into the afternoon, that Sunday saw some great races and the sailors really got into their stride. 

Congratulations to all the sailors, and to the coaches and parent volunteers that made it happen. Miami, in our opinion has become the development Mecca as some of the best sailors and innovative practices are coming out of that 6x12 mile bay. 

Thanks to Professional Boats for setting us up once again in their amazing 6m Tornado RIB - we can't tell you how many conversations we had about that boat - check it out at 


We hope you like the video, and if you'd like to see us cover your event - send us an email!