The Roundup: January 2021

 January 2021

Hey everyone we are back for another edition of The Roundup, the first of the new year, where we take our favorite picks of cool videos and content from around the Sailing world

Tour of Optiparts Factory

Ever wondered where they make that one Opti thing? Here's a quick impression of the Optiparts factory in Europe, and how they do things. Really cool to see!

The Southernmost Optimist Sailors

This video shows just how truly worldwide Optimist sailing is. The southernmost boating school, located in Cape Horn in Chile, it is truly amazing that there are kids sailing Optis so close to Antartica. Very impressive!

Winter Sailing In Canada?

Last October, the West Vancouver Yacht Club hosted the Pumpkin Bowl Regatta. We found it interesting that Canada was sailing as late as October, and that it attracted sailors from many different areas, not just from Vancouver. Check out those visuals to see why this video caught our eye!