EPISODE 5 Is OUT! Let's dive into the Orange Bowl!

Whatta Regatta 

The Orange Bowl is a unique event in the US Optimist circuit. It is not a class-sanctioned regatta, but attracts top talent from all around the world every year. In 2020 there were obviously big changes made because of Covid-19, but the organizers at Coral Reef Yacht Club and the Orange Bowl committee did amazing work making the regatta as safe as possible together with the cooperation of local clubs. 

Long regarded as the pinnacle of the season for the Green Fleet, the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta is the first time many sailors get exposed to sailors from other countries. It is also a big first step into the rest of your sailing career for the more competitive sailors since placing in Orange Bowl is regarded as a big achievement for junior sailors.

Lester Johnson introduced the idea of a youth regatta on Biscayne Bay in Miami through the established name of the Orange Bowl Regatta in 1978. The purpose of the youth regatta was to organize a youth sporting event during a time when families were looking for a fun pastime during their winter break. The Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta has continued that tradition through today for the last 42 years. The regatta has grown from 450 youth sailors in 2002 to over 600 today. In the past five years, the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta has reached higher international proportions, attracting competitors from 25 countries and from 29 states in the U.S. This is the largest youth sailing event in North or South America and the second largest event of its kind in the world. So naturally, we closed out 2020 with a look into why you should sail in the Orange Bowl - the top of the Green Fleet Opti circuit, and a huge step forward for Optimist sailors in general. We hope you liked this one, we'd like to thank the CRYC and Orange Bowl OA for bringing us on to document this wonderful event - stay tuned for the companion guide for Parents and Coaches who are thinking of going to the Orange Bowl in 2021! To learn more, visit: https://www.orangebowlregatta.org/