OPTI TV Episode 2 Out Now!

What Lies Beneath 

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least, and we've somehow managed to launch a brand and youtube channel in this time.

But as always, there's more to do and say - and this time its a subject that's particularly contemporary to our home waters of Miami - and that's plastic pollution. More and more we see that its having an adverse effect on our waters, and it's not limited to Miami! This is a global issue. We were inspired by the World Sailing and IODA Sustainability Inititative, so we dove into the topic of plastic pollution in our waters in this episode and some things we can do to help fix the problem.

Thanks to our friends at FOCUS Miami and our contributors for helping make this happen. We hope you enjoy the cool underwater sequences and if you like this episode, make sure to show it to your sailor(s). It's a topic we can't afford to ignore.

Check out the full Sustainability Topic 4 - Reducing Waste below: http://www.optiworld.org/index.php/content/topic-4-reducing-waste/ini/1 Follow FOCUS Miami and consider supporting their cause to better Biscayne Bay's water quality Http://instagram.com/focus.miami Thanks for watching!