Maintaining Discipline When Under AP Postponement

 Remember The Three C's: Calm, Cool, Collected

AP. Postponement. It can be a tough time for sailors and maybe even more so their coaches, because it's switching off that competitive mode and it can be hard to maintain discipline when you're sitting around on land or out on the water waiting for improved conditions.

Here's the latest video from us just on this very topic, featuring tips from Daniel and Omari.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay Hydrated
  • Keep an eye on changes in conditions that could help you formulate a plan
  • Conserve your energy
Things that could help you in those three areas is drinking plenty of water, not swimming around too much, finding some shade to keep you cool, and talk to your coach about changes in conditions or things that you see. 

Listen to some music, chat with your friends, but don't forget what you're there for!