Episode 1 Out Now!

The Big Sail Test - CD Sails

So last month we got the Test Team together to test out some new Optimist sails out of Italy from a company called CD Sails. We found some surprising results, based off some design choices they have made and what was also surprising that we found out, was that CD Sails was started by Claudio Demartis who founded Olympic Sails, a hugely successful sailmaker. 

We got Stephan Baker and Charlotte Leigh, who are supremely talented sailors in their own right, to check out the sails with us - take a look at what they and Coach Omari had to say about the results of the test!

Thanks again to Professional Boats and O2 Sailing for sponsoring the video, and to Zane and CD Sails for sending us the test sails, hope you all enjoy the video!