The Roundup: May 26th, 2020

May 26th, 2020

Hey everyone, we are back with another edition of The Roundup! This one is featuring some videos and articles that have recently cropped up - we have to say, it's awesome to see sailing put out so much content! It may just drive the interest of many a landlubber to try it out this year - the original Social Distancing!

Here's a few things we think you should check out:

What Coaches Want To See This Summer

From our friend Phil Muller, Head Coach of the uber-successful 2Niner Skiff Squad - he dives into the conversation that sailing is having as a sport at the moment, and shares what coaches think sailors should do with their time now that regattas are on pause. Really insightful article, we can't recommend it enough. 

How Worlds Reshaped Me As A Coach

"Friend Of Opti TV" Bernat Gali writes on Sail1Design Airwaves about his experiences coaching the Puerto Rican Worlds Team at the 2019 IODA Worlds this past year in Antigua. Remember that you are part of a wide, wide world of Opti sailing and Bernat reminds us that community is a huge part of the success of any top-performing sailor in the Optimist Class. You'll be seeing Bernat on an upcoming episode of Opti TV Presents!

Top 5 Tips For A Successful eSailing Race

We all know it, we all race in it, so why not up your game with this 15 min video from the Royal Yachting Association? They've been putting out amazing content during lockdown/quarantine so we suggest taking a look at their official channel for some more helpful content for you and your Optimist sailor.

2008-2009 The Ocean Race Official Movie

Epic is a word often thrown around in sailing, but we think that it's reserved for footage like this. We have fond memories of watching the original movie as it premiered more than 10 years ago under the vestiges of the Volvo Ocean Race, now known as The Ocean Race. Take a look at this 2 hour movie since it's the first that included an onboard reporter and really gives you an inside look at high-stakes Ocean Racing. Make sure to watch with your sailor as you never know how they could be inspired to get out there for themselves!

Tenet Official Trailer #2

A bit of an oddball pick, we know, but we included the latest trailer for Tenet - the latest Christopher Nolan movie. We think you should check it out since not only are we big fans of Nolan's work, but SailGP's F50's make an appearance! Obviously, it'll be a short one but hey - it counts!