Opti News Roundup

IODA Publishes Topic 2 of New Education Initiative, Covid-19 Continues To Affect Opti Circuit

APRIL 30 -

Miami Sailing Week is postponed indefinitely, after an initial reschedule to May 1-3, Regatta Organizers decided to push back the event to the Fall of 2020. Official press release:

Dear MSW Participants and Families,First of all, we hope you are all safe and doing well in this time and we are writing to you with an important update regarding Miami Sailing Week. CGSC and the Regatta Organizers were waiting for better news this week but due to the unfortunate reality we are in, marinas and parks remain closed in the City Of Miami for the foreseeable future. As such we must follow social distancing guidelines and postpone Miami Sailing Week indefinitely with hopes of hosting the event in the Fall of 2020
We are still intending on hosting this great event in the Fall in a more limited capacity and are are exploring September as a suitable month but dates for competition are not yet set.
While this is an unprecendented situation for us as an organization and our sailing community, we know that Miami Sailing Week will continue on and have many more editions in the future. We look forward to seeing you all out on the water very soon!
Thank you all for your consideration and we hope you continue to be safe.

-Miami Sailing Week Management

APRIL 29 -

IODA released the 2nd Topic of their new Education Inititative, "Resources and Climate Change." It introduces the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals: Quality Education; Clean Water & Sanitation; Responsible Consumption and Production; Climate Action; Life Below Water; and Life on Land, as they relate to Resources and Climate Change. It introduces climate change and how it affects the ocean and sailors, as well as the use of resources (like water, energy and purchased products) in a sailing club.

It also outlines how using resources effectively reduce the impact of climate change as well as how the circular economy helps to reduce the impacts of climate change. And finally, it talks about Greta Thunberg’s sustainable trip to New York City on a sailboat to reduce her carbon footprint to attend the United Nations climate summit.

Dan Reading, Head of Sustainability at World Sailing commented, “The second topic will enable young sailors to understand the impact that climate change has on our sport and planet with fun activities showing how they can reduce their impact to make a positive change locally.”

April 29th Message To IODA Members

April 27 -

The 2020 Annual General Meeting and 2022 Championship Bid deadline were postponed as IODA continues to monitor the developments surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. From IODA:

IODA continues to monitor the global COVID-19 situation as it affects the Optimist Class activities over the coming months.
Currently, we do not have a confirmed date for the 2020 AGM and it is postponed until further notice.
As a result, the Executive Committee has confirmed that the deadline to submit a bid to host a 2022 IODA Championship is also postponed as the date is linked to the date of the AGM, as stated in our Championships Conditions.
Please refer to World Championship Condition 7.1 and Continental Championship Condition 8.1 for more details.
A new deadline to submit your Bid to Host a 2022 Championship will be confirmed as soon as a date of the AGM is confirmed.
April 27th Message To IODA Members