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Estonia Withdraws As Host Of 2020 IODA Europeans

It seems that Covid19 isn’t quite yet ready to let the sailing circuit go as today the IODA announced that Estonia was withdrawing as host of the 2020 IODA European Championship. This is surely to affect many sailors and families who were hoping to get to their regatta this year. 

Not all is lost, though, since IODA provides for this scenario and will be working to find a suitable host for the event. Full press release:

We are in unprecedented times and in uncharted waters with respect to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has on our IODA Events in 2020.With the health of our sailors, coaches, team leaders and volunteers as our top priority, after much consideration, the Organizers of the 2020 European Championship have regretfully confirmed that they are withdrawing as hosts of the championship. We respect their decision.IODA Members who have officially registered and made payments for the event will be refunded.  The Organizer in Estonia will handle refunds for entry fees.  The Charter Provider, New Blue, will handle refunds for charter Optimists and support boats.  Each Member delegation will be contacted shortly to begin the refund process.With our Member from Estonia withdrawing as the host, according to IODA Continental Championship Condition 8.4, “the IODA Executive Committee shall take such action to appoint an alternative host as it finds necessary.” As a result, the Executive Committee can consider a bid from a Member who might wish to host the 2020 European Championship this year.If any European Member would like to be considered as a host of the 2020 European Championship, please inform the IODA VP for Europe Carmen Casco as soon as possible, but no later than May 23, 2020.This can follow with completion of a Bid Form to Host an IODA Championship found here and submit it to the IODA Secretariat to the attention of Fiona Kidd, at on or before May 30, 2020. It is IODA’s keen goal to host events in 2020, however, with the extenuating circumstances we all face, the IODA Executive Committee will consider the following matters in proceeding with IODA Events:
  • Safety of our sailors and participants at events
  • Ability of host to organize an event along the World Sailing COVID-19 event guidelines
  • Ability for wide inclusivity of the IODA Members to participate in an event; especially considering travel restrictions
  • Ensuring the level of IODA standards of on-water racing are met
We would like to thank our Member from Estonia, the Kalev Yacht Club, and the members of the Organizing Committee for all their hard work and support in the planning of the 2020 European Championship. It has been a pleasure working with them. We hope they will bid for an IODA event in the future.  


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