The Coconut Grove Sailing Club and Regatta Park

The Coconut Grove Sailing Club and Regatta Park

The CGSC Clubhouse built in the 1980s

The Venue

The Coconut Grove Sailing Club has been around since 1946 and since it's inception has been dedicated to promoting Sailing and being stewards of the sport - being one of the historic Optimist programs (kids have been sailing Optis here since there have been Optis sailing) it continues to fulfill its mission of getting people out there. CGSC is a small club with a small property (51 parking spaces and 3 docks) but has a huge footprint in Sailing, playing hosts to such events as

  • Melges 24 World Championship
  • Melges 20 Winter Series
  • Don Q Snipe Regatta
  • Miami Sailing Week

They also host two events open to the Optimist class, the Halloween Howler and the CanAmerican Cup, both regattas seeing participation of 100+ optimist sailors. It's safe to say CGSC knows how to host regattas.

Address: 2990 S Bayshore Dr, Miami FL, 33133
Phone: (305) 444 - 4571

The site is comprised of a 2 story Bahamian style clubhouse and features handicap-accessible ramp, bathrooms and showers on the bottom floor, and a bar/restaurant on the second floor accompanied by a multi-purpose conference room upstairs.

The Big Room

Part of "The Grove's Nest"

The "Grove's Nest" as the upstairs bar is called is a great spot to perch and take in the views of Biscayne Bay that on a normal day can reach all the way to Key Biscayne. The menu is short but drinks are affordable and the variety of items can satisfy any family coming in to visit.


CGSC North Dock in March 2020

As CGSC is a small club, dockspace is limited to one main dock and two floating access docks. There are two derrick type cranes rated for 1.5 and 3 tons, respectively, at the north dock, and a pump-out station on the main dock. Dock space is reserved for members and club-owned vessels - visitors coming by water must call the dockmaster's office ahead of time in order to secure dockage.

The anchorage is managed by CGSC and has a 24 hr. launch service so visitors can access their boat at any time if they manage to get a mooring ball for an event. CGSC Dockstaff is reached on the main club phone extension 16 or via VHF Channel 78.

Support Boat Logistics

CGSC is conveniently located next to Regatta Park and Seminole Boat Ramp, which makes bringing support boats very easy. Regatta Park is a venture by the City of Miami and other partners to foster regattas and create a centralized space for large events that need the extra support. Regatta Park plays host to such events as

  • Miami World Cup - part of the World Sailing Cup series
  • J/24 World Championship
  • Bacardi Invitational
  • Miami Sailing Week
Regatta Park and Seminole Ramp are accessible through the intersection of 27th avenue and Bayshore Drive, and can fit almost any boat trailer.

Regatta Park and Seminole Ramp (left)

About Seminole Ramp:


About Regatta Park

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Trailering In And Out

Trailering Into CGSC is not possible, as the club is behind a small U-turn city parking lot, and they do not accept trailers on property for their events. If you are trailering, access is through the Seminole Ramp parking lot and boats are walked through the CGSC north or south gates. This is the biggest downside to teams coming with multiple trailers but for the Halloween Howler trailers are kept offsite, and the Regatta organizers will communicate the location of trailer storage for the event.

Miami Sailing Week, of course, is no issue as boats and trailer storage is directly on-site at regatta park. NOTE: CGSC pulls permits for Regatta Park from the City of Miami and is in no-way an official part of Regatta Park.

Where's the Nearest?

Supermarket: The Fresh Market (0.6 miles)
2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Gas Station: Flagship Shell (1.0 miles)
2775 SW 28th Terrace, Miami, FL 33133

Boat Ramp: Seminole Boat Ramp (0.2 miles)
2710 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Coffee Shop: Panther Coffee (0.3 miles)
3407 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133

Overall Impressions

For a small club, CGSC accomplishes quite a bit during the winter months hosting 2 optimist events with more than 100 participants and many one-design classes for various events. The clubhouse definitely shows this level of activity but it adds to the charm - CGSC is a no-frills, sailors hang-out. Plus, Opti sailors get to sail on Biscayne Bay, which is the #1 place to sail during the winter months in the continental United States.