Great Sailing Apps And Games On iOS

By S. Norman and A. Olivo

As the sailing world settles into its pause, we thought it would be a good time to check out what’s out there in terms of sailing apps and games to fill up our time and engaged in our favorite sport. Here are some of our picks for the iOS platforms - give them a look and share!

Tacking Battle

Rating 4.0
Price: Free

A nice game to keep your rules knowledge sharp and does a nice job of simulating wind shifts. Solid job for a free game.

 Virtual Regatta Offshore

Rating 4.3
Price: Free with In-App purchases

Build out your dream boat and race against other people in real-time from such famous ports as Alicante and Sydney - the game offers many different options for customizing your boat and keeping things interesting. Reminiscent of the 2009 Volvo Ocean Race games, you can trim sails and change sails in-race and live the Offshore Sailing life!

Virtual Regatta Inshore

Rating 3.9
Price: Free

The inshore version of Virtual Regatta, this is by far the most popular, and like its offshore cousin, has an iPad version as well. This is the official app for the e-sailing World Championship and offers the ability to create a race with your friends.


US Sailing Skill Up

Rating 4.2
Price: Free

This is US Sailing’s official app to track your sailing skills - and a good app at that. If you think you know it all, give this app a look because you’ll find something that you need to work on! From knowledge of knots to how to kedge, this app covers it all.

RYA Volvo Sail For Gold

RAting 3.6
Price: Free

The RYA Sail For Gold game is another racing simulator with a wide variety of boats, and does a good job of providing an understanding of world-class sailing with notifications on rule infractions and associated penalties.

Rating 4.8
Price: Free

Probably one of the most popular apps for weather and wind forecast, it has been out on the app market for about a decade and offers historical data in some venues which is golden information for racers. Fun to take a look around the world and see what kind conditions are out there!

World Sailing 2017-2020 Racing Rules Of Sailing Ebook

Rating: 5.0
Price: Free

The most official of official rule books, although this does not contain the US Sailing prescriptions, it is a free option to brush up on your knowledge of the rules!

Premium Ropes

Rating 3.0
Price: Free

Now 100% free with no in-app purchases. Premium Ropes, based in the Netherlands, are one of the foremost online presences of chandlery and rope-making. Take a look at this app if you want to learn to splice your own line!